A 27 years old patient after Breast Augmentation
Dear Dr. Lora:
Thank you!!


A 40 years old patient after liposuction and abdominoplasty
Dear Dr. Lora:
At the beginning I was very nervous, but now I am very grateful for my new look. I feel so different about myself right now. You have raised my self-esteem.

Thanks for your magical hands,

A 35 years old patient after liposuction
Dear Dr. Lora:
Thank you very much for giving me back my smile. My life has changed thanks to your great work. Now, as you suggested, I will take great care of my diet. Thanks also to all the girls and their team in general for the excellent treatment they provide.


A 47 years old patient after blepharoplasty
Dear Dr.Lora:

I thank you very much for your patience and the nice surgery you did on me. The truth is that I am amazed with the quick recovery and immensely happy with the results. Thanks to everyone else for being so nice too.




 Patient was diagnosed with breast cancer, She had no hope 

Dr. Lora turnerned the joy of living ; he saved my life.

Norma Mirabal

Thanks Dr. lora :started to have severe abdominal pain

which limited me to work, my primary doctor diagnosed me with an umbilical hernia and he referred me to Dr. Lora; after the surgery, my life was the same again, it healed quickly and my scar was not seen.

Rosa Mora

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