Breast enlargement is a procedure that uses implants to satisfy the desire to have more breast volume or regain of weight loss caused by a reduction, after pregnancy, reconstruction after a mastectomy surgery, or even an injury.
At times enlargement of the breast also involves giving them an upward lift, which makes a woman feel more rejuvenated.
When making the decision, one should take into account that:
. It is right for you.
. Your decision is your own.
. Your decision will be for you to feel good and feel more attractive to society.
This is a choice that will bring good health and realistic expectations for full development of the breast. You will leave behind the feelings of being unhappy with the size of your breasts, due to the loss of form and volume, aging, postpartum, and any other reason for irregularity and asymmetry ofthe breasts.
Improve your physical appearance and self- esteem. If you are unhappy with the size of your breasts, consider having surgery to enlarge them. The benefits include fullness and improvement in the balance of your figure.